Community Groups

Community groups

Community Groups

Use SeeClickFix to advocate for your concerns

  • Watch an area, keep group members aware of local activity.
  • Decide issues to track and prioritize.

Community groups are an integral part of the SeeClickFix ecosystem. The process of civic improvement that begins with the citizens must continue through the work of local organizations. Neighborhood associations, business improvement districts, and volunteer groups are already using SeeClickFix to take up the citizens\' causes and amplify their voices. Organizations like these are keystones in the bridges that we are trying to build, from fixing simple quality of life issues-like the pothole at the end of your driveway-to larger issues that have an enduring impact on the health of our communities.

We know there is no single model of how a community group should pursue its mission. That's why SeeClickFix provides an open online platform that can be scaled to help you address the needs of your cause and your community. By helping community leaders find and connect with others who care, we hope to make the critical mass for a community movement.

Getting Started

First things first: search for your neighborhood's community page. If you can't find the town/neighborhood/district/whatever that you call home-no worries. Just let us know and we'd be happy to create a page for you.

Create a Public Watch Area to stay on top of new reports in real time. When a report is made within your public watch area, the citizen is informed that you are listening.

If you have a web site, you can add SeeClickFix's List Widget and Map Widget to it. This encourages involvement-citizens can see the issues that have been reported or report an issue of their own right on your site.

Be a presence, share your wisdom, work with others to find practical solutions, and then work to implement those solutions.

Groups Using SeeClickFix

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